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What is RealTime Social Video Marketing?

What is RealTime Social Video Marketing?

A video on the networks for your brand will no longer be just one, simple and permanent in your Landing Page, opens the possibility of creating campaigns with impactful content in video, changing in the short, medium and long term, maintaining the quality of a product Final current and professional.

Social Video Real Time Marketing is the process of marketing in social networks using the format of more impact: the video, which allows at the moment of its creation to see it immediately, without rendering, without editing, without waiting times. This workflow is possible incorporating all areas of production, from sound, musical background, talents, scenographies or backgrounds (real, designed or virtual), animations in real time 3D (live modifiable) graphic systems that allow multiple versions , Everything culminates in live streaming to networks or in a batch of video files ready for an aggressive Social Video Plan, which every Community Manager dreams of having in their hands.

This new scheme of Social Video Marketing RT eliminates costs of production and postproduction, becoming a tool, massive, direct and of very high precision to the segmentation of markets, this is possible for the ability to generate in real time multiple versions of a video for The same campaign or several campaigns in a single agenda.

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